Garden stuff

Herb spiral

It’s surprisingly hard to blog with no camera! We’re taking them in this week and hoping to have them fixed asap. We only have a three-year-old iPhone that has very little battery power. I managed to get a few pictures of our garden progress earlier though, before our iPhone died.

I’m …

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Homemade See Saw


We have decided to build the girls some play equipment. On our list are a see saw, a bigger sandbox, a swing set, a pirate play house, and a tree house. We started with the swing set but ran into a couple of complications so switched to the see saw. We rented …

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More chicks


So the bear did not come back to visit that we know of, thankfully. Though our dog did go kind of nuts at one point, but Kris went to check it out and didn’t see a sign of any unwanted visitors.

Went out to the coop this morning to find more chicks!

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Ducklings and chickens and bears, oh my!

Five little ducklings

So much has been going on in the last couple of days! We have three broody hens. Two went broody about three weeks ago so I put eggs under both of them. The other just went broody this past week. We put even more eggs under her. We have been researching and wanting ducks since …

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2012 Garden Plans


Well, it’s spring again and we have started full force in the gardening for this year. Time to attempt to write in the blog more again.

I planted some seeds in February but most of them perished. Even in a nice warm room by a super sunny window under a little fan, they were …

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Toddler Mei Tai


I have been meaning to make an advent calendar this year, but procrastinating. I finally sat down to do it tonight and realized I didn’t have all the material I need. The fabric store was already closed, but I had all my sewing stuff out and a chance to sew, so on a bit of …

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Baby chicks!


Back in September, we had one of our hens go broody. I tried a few times to stop her but she was very insistent, so eventually I gave in and put a few eggs under her. I had read on Backyard Chickens that with a mother hen, chicks should be fine even at this time …

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Cargo pants and a birthday dress


I’ve had very little time/motivation to blog this summer. I hope to catch up slowly at some point, but who knows. I wanted to post a couple more things I have made recently though.

The first is a birthday dress for Meredith. She wanted something with purple, and she loved the mushroom fabric. She knew …

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More sewing

The weather has finally gotten nice again, which gave me some motivation to finish sewing the girls some dresses. So far, I’ve finished a dress for Fiona from this pattern. I kind of winged the sizing, and I think I’ve made it too big, probably more like a 2-3. It’s not quite …

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Our own library


A friend wanted to borrow a book of mine last week, and when I couldn’t find it on the one shelf we had set up already, I looked at the boxes of books we had sitting in the corner and decided it would be good motivation to finally get them out of boxes.

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