Yesterday I went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore to pick up some things for the coop. My main reason for going was paint, which tends to be $30+ per gallon regularly. The Restore sells mistinted paints for usually around $12/gallon. Even really really nice paints like Benjamin Moore Aura paints are only …

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Roofing the coop

Coop view

Our roof got sheathed and shingled today! We had the same friend come out as last time, plus another good friend who also works in construction, and they raced to get it all done before the rain made a return.

Here’s a view from our breakfast nook to show what our view …

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Framing the coop

Done for today

On Saturday, we had some friends out to visit and they helped us take down the roof and the rotting frame of the old greenhouse. Today, our carpenter friend and his family came up. They live in the co-op where we moved from, and our kids were best friends and we used to spend almost …

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Coop planning

Investigating what I'm up to

Right now, the chickens are living in our TV room. We really enjoy them. They’re fun to watch, friendly towards us, and just hilarious in general. I like their little peeping sounds and I love that they all come to the edge of their brooder to watch me when I walk up.

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