Sand in the run too


Sand is useful in more than just the brooder. Researching what to use in the coop and run was actually where I first came across the idea of using sand. Many people use it in the coop and/or run with a lot of success. Most people who use it love it and wouldn’t use anything …

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More homemade nipple waterers


Here are a some more nipple waterers. They were made in very similar ways to the PVC one I’ve already posted, but obviously in buckets instead of in PVC. I consider these ones to all have been free, since I had extra nipples, and the buckets/containers were all free from either our own use …

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Coop Thoughts

Getting ready to roost

I thought I’d post a few thoughts about our coop design so far. The chicks have been out in it for two and a half weeks now.


I’m mostly really pleased with our roost. Now that the chickens are actually roosting at night and outside during the day, most of their inside poop ends …

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Homemade PVC Nipple Waterer

Testing it out

My dad has left, so I’m going to try to catch up on a few posts I have planned and/or started. Here is the nipple waterer I made.

I did a lot of reading about various watering systems, and decided to try a nipple one because of the promise of cleaner water and less having …

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Chicken run

Chicken run

My dad is still in town, and over the last few days him and I got the chicken run functional. It’s not pretty, but it works. It still needs to be covered with some sort of wire, so it’s not hawk or climbing predator proof, but I would say it’s definitely fairly dog proof and …

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Moving day!


We pretty much haven’t stopped working on the coop since the weekend. We were hoping to have them move out then, but things kept coming up. I did most of it with a one year old on my back. She must be heavier than Meredith was at this age, as I don’t remember Meredith making …

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Homemade Bucket Feeder

Bucket feeder

Eventually we would like to make this treadle feeder for the coop, but for now our goal is to get everything done as quickly as possible, so we have other priorities. Yesterday while Kris worked on the nest boxes and roost, I worked on a quick and cheap feeder.

Materials and tools

Ice …

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Coming Along


Well, the coop is really coming along now. We worked most of the weekend on various things. But it seems that just when we think we’re almost done, we realize there is so much more left to do. We’re hoping to chip away at it this week though and have the older birds out in …

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Painting the coop


The painting is mostly done now. We have all the roost and nest box pieces cut out and painted in the basement too, ready to put it all together. Here’s my goofy kid next to the pop door and windows. The timbers along the bottom will end up the dark brown colour.

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Busy Days

Front and back

We’ve been taking advantage of the longer days and have done some work in the evenings after Kris is off work. We got the front and back walls done over the weekend. The holes in front are for two slider windows I got for $5 each from the thrift store. The hole above the door …

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