Ducklings and chicks


Remember my tiny little ducklings I posted about just ten days ago?

They’ve been growing! (My real camera is going into the repair shop tomorrow, yay!)

This is the same five in the same box as above that they only took up a tiny corner of. Now they barely …

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More chicks


So the bear did not come back to visit that we know of, thankfully. Though our dog did go kind of nuts at one point, but Kris went to check it out and didn’t see a sign of any unwanted visitors.

Went out to the coop this morning to find more chicks!

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Ducklings and chickens and bears, oh my!

Five little ducklings

So much has been going on in the last couple of days! We have three broody hens. Two went broody about three weeks ago so I put eggs under both of them. The other just went broody this past week. We put even more eggs under her. We have been researching and wanting ducks since …

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Baby chicks!


Back in September, we had one of our hens go broody. I tried a few times to stop her but she was very insistent, so eventually I gave in and put a few eggs under her. I had read on Backyard Chickens that with a mother hen, chicks should be fine even at this time …

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We have eggs!

Our older group of chicks is around 18-24 weeks of age now, so we’ve been expecting eggs any day now. A couple of mornings ago, one of the roosters woke me up in the morning crowing. It’s the first real crowing we’ve had so far. I joked with Kris that the hens were behind and …

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Sand in the run too


Sand is useful in more than just the brooder. Researching what to use in the coop and run was actually where I first came across the idea of using sand. Many people use it in the coop and/or run with a lot of success. Most people who use it love it and wouldn’t use anything …

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Sand: The perfect brooder substrate?


When we got our first set of chicks, we put them on shavings. It seemed to be what most people did, and shavings are cheap, so it worked. Turns out, shavings are also messy and hard to clean. Because they’re light, they tended to fly out of the brooder when the chicks were just running …

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More homemade nipple waterers


Here are a some more nipple waterers. They were made in very similar ways to the PVC one I’ve already posted, but obviously in buckets instead of in PVC. I consider these ones to all have been free, since I had extra nipples, and the buckets/containers were all free from either our own use …

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When to put chicks outside


This question comes up a lot on the chicken forums I occasionally go to to ask questions or look at pictures. It’s one I myself asked. For those of us who brood chicks inside, it’s a bit nerve-wracking to consider putting the babies from the nice warm brooder outside to the cold coop, especially since …

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Things new chicken owners should be warned about

Silkie chick

This is definitely something all new chick owners should be warned about.

Imagine you’re a brand new chicken owner, and you bring home some 2-6 week old chicks, and one keeps doing this over and over. I thought for sure she was having a seizure and dying horribly. Now, they all do it, and …

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