We love potatoes, and growing potatoes is so easy. It’s something I have done every year the last few years, and we always run out by October or November. So I ordered a lot this year. I ended up ordering from Eagle Creek Farms because they sell Green Mountain potatoes, a variety I’ve wanted to try. They are supposed to be a really delicious, buttery potato, but you won’t see them sold in grocery stores as they are not a nicely-shaped potato.

Since I was ordering one variety anyway, and had to pay shipping regardless, I decided I might as well get all of our potatoes from there this year. I got a lot, because I’m hoping they will last us a little longer this year. Potatoes store really well. I ordered a kilogram each of Green Mountain and Yukon Gold, and then also got 4 each of Russian Blue, French Fingerling, Caribe, Chieftain, German Butterball, and Russet Burbank. Some of these are organic and/or heirloom varieties. I wanted to try a large variety to see what does well and what we like.

They’ve been sitting on a sunny, south-facing window sill for a couple of weeks now. Pretty soon I’ll split the bigger ones and then we’ll plant them out. We figure we’ll need about 70 ft of 4 foot wide garden space for them all! I’m hoping they will do as well for us here as they did at our last place.

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