Our own library

A friend wanted to borrow a book of mine last week, and when I couldn’t find it on the one shelf we had set up already, I looked at the boxes of books we had sitting in the corner and decided it would be good motivation to finally get them out of boxes.


The majority of those boxes above were full of books, with some random toys and odds and ends throw in here and there. The biggest problem is that we don’t really have enough bookshelves. But I decided it was time to improvise and that I wanted those books accessible one way or the other. I organized our shelf we already had set up and rotated some books around in it.


For some of the books I just used the boxes they had been packed in on their sides and taped together to stabilize them. I think they look surprisingly good considering what they are! (You can click on the picture to see it bigger.)


Then I used the Neat Ideas cubes to create a couple of shelving units. These things are great. We originally bought them years ago to make a hedgehog cage. They’ve been used as shelves, chicken brooders, chicken tractors, and more since then. Now they’re book shelves.


It took a few days of off and on unpacking and sorting, but we have most of the books out and shelved finally. They are in no particular order whatsoever though, but at least it will be possible now to find one if we need to! The girls have been loving having the books so accessible and especially the “new” books we have been pulling out. This area here I think might be nice to eventually put shelves like these ones to make it really easy for them to find books.

We do still eventually want to get real shelves put in and actually organize the books. That room still needs to be painted and there are still some things in another corner that need to be put away. We also still have a few boxes of textbooks to go through and either decide to keep, donate, or try and sell, but it is so nice to finally have our books out. We also discovered some books we had forgotten we own or that we want to read again.

The irony is that I never did find the book that started it all! I now have a feeling I had already lent it out, but I have some ideas of who might have it so hopefully I can track it down.

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