More homemade nipple waterers

Here are a some more nipple waterers. They were made in very similar ways to the PVC one I’ve already posted, but obviously in buckets instead of in PVC. I consider these ones to all have been free, since I had extra nipples, and the buckets/containers were all free from either our own use or friends.

I didn’t get a picture of the first one I used in the small brooder. It was basically a nipple in the bottom of a Dasani water bottle. It was replacing a rabbit waterer that leaked terribly. The water bottle worked great, but with 14 chicks I was filling it quite often through the day by the time they graduated to the bigger brooder. Technically, I should have had more than one nipple with that many chicks, but they seemed to be fine.


In the bigger brooder, I used a vinegar bottle with a nipple on the bottom and a small hole drilled in the top. It was just resting on a box we had laying around. It worked quite well, and I was able to move it up as the chicks grew by putting wood on the box. At the top, I had it tied to the sides for support. Again, it would have been better if I’d had at least one more nipple in the bottom.


The next waterer I made I used a cat litter bucket from someone off freecycle. This will eventually end up in the run, though right now it’s in use for the smaller chicks in the coop.


The only problem I’m having with it now is that as the chicks drink, it gets pushed around a bit and the nipples often end up pushed against the wire it is resting on, meaning they will leak. Once the chicks are all integrated the bucket will be hanging so we won’t have that problem.

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