Introduction to our chicks

We actually have some new babies in the house, but I thought before I post much about them, I should post a little about our older ones.

Gandalf and Kallie, Lavender Orpingtons


These two are the oldest of our chicks, and definitely the sweetest. They come to the brooder door when we open it and when out free ranging will follow us around. They have no problem with Meredith picking them up and holding them, and even tolerate Fiona (though we make sure to supervise her around them). I’ve heard really great things about Orpingtons. Meredith originally named Kallie (the first picture), but now we think that one might be a rooster so we’ve switched their names. We may rename Kallie to something a little more Tolkien-ish too, just to go with Gandalf. If Gandalf does end up being a rooster, we’ll almost definitely keep him as long as he doesn’t turn mean.

Bonnie and Clyde, Easter Eggers


Meredith named Bonnie (the second picture) too. The other Easter Egger was bossy and pushy, and we couldn’t think of a name for her. Until we realized “she” was almost definitely a rooster, and then Kris immediately dubbed him Clyde. Bonnie will hopefully lay olive green eggs.

Raven and Einstein, Dorking X


These two are actually “barnyard mutts”, but each have 9 toes, so the lady we got them from said they are from her Dorking rooster. Raven is the darker one and Einstein is the one with the poofy feathers on her head. They were even poofier when we first got her. Both of these two are pretty flighty and skittish, even with lots of handling.

Splash-Laced-Blue Wyandotte


This little guy doesn’t really have a name yet, though we often call him Splash. He is Meredith’s favourite, because he is pretty mellow and will just sit in your arms and fall asleep. He’s also tiny compared to the rest. We were disappointed when he started developing wattles because of how sweet and pretty he is. If the Orpington isn’t a rooster and/or if this one gets along with the Orpington and stays sweet, we’ll likely keep him too.



We kind of call this one Oreo, but he’s almost definitely a rooster too so we haven’t really named him. He is beautiful though, developing a green sheen to his black feathers. I’d definitely like to get another Australorp next year, hopefully a female next time.

Luna, Light Brahma


I had to go to a poultry swap to pick up a couple of chicks, and ended up coming home with a couple of extras. One of the extras was Luna. She was so pretty and the guy selling her told me his Brahmas lay all winter long and are very cold hardy. He also sells Silver-Laced Wyandottes, which were beautiful too. Another breed I’d like to maybe try next year.

This one is standing right under their brooder and they like to kick pine shavings out all over the place. I’m going to staple cardboard along the bottom edges when we move the younger ones into it.

So there are our older ones, all about 5-10 weeks old. I’ll write a post about our new babies soon.

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