Cargo pants and a birthday dress

I’ve had very little time/motivation to blog this summer. I hope to catch up slowly at some point, but who knows. I wanted to post a couple more things I have made recently though.

The first is a birthday dress for Meredith. She wanted something with purple, and she loved the mushroom fabric. She knew I was making it, but I wrapped it up and it was the first present she opened in the morning on her birthday. She was super thrilled when she opened it, and put it on immediately over top of the clothes she had been wearing (and wore it like that the rest of the day).


I realized later that I didn’t actually get a good picture of it. In most of the pictures it is either partially blocked, or really washed out for some reason.


It was a good experience for me I think. The pattern had a few new things I’d never done, including sewing on a zipper. I actually did the zipper all right, but the finishing around and on top of the zipper is a bit messy. But she doesn’t care so that’s all that matters. I learned some things for next time.


I also made a pair of cargo pants for Fiona using this pattern for the pockets and the pattern I had drafted for the pants themselves. I used a bigger seam allowance on the pockets since the pants would end up so small, and I didn’t end up making them convertible as there just wasn’t a lot of extra length below the pocket.


I’m thrilled with how they turned out. They were relatively easy and quick, and super cheap. The fabric was in the bargain bin for $1.50/metre (and one metre was way more than enough), I already had thread and elastic, and the buttons were about $3. I could have cut the costs even more if I hadn’t gone for the fancy buttons.


I’m working on a pink pair with some fabric Meredith picked out. I also have some more mushroom fabric only in blue and I think I will make a dress for Fiona with that. Then next on my list I’m going to try my hand at a backpack I think. Meredith has been asking for one for a while.

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